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Monday, October 12, 2009


This is great ! I just found out about IGoogle. I can check my email here, post to my blog here. My goodness, am I slow or what? This has a To Do List, shows my very last emails received, I can chat with friends from here and it also has the temperature and weather forecast for my town. Can't ask for any better than this :-) Saving lots of time with this !


I said I would have a photo today of the before of an item just before I make it over to offer up for sale. This is the vintage kitchen cabinet that is now a secret chalk board. Yes, I forgot and painted it before showing it to you. But, I can promise you it was quite unsightly with nothing behind the door but spider webs and dirt...Ugh you say. Well, we do have to sometimes dig in the most unique places to find these treasures to re-purpose for our buyers homes. Before I do anything to a piece, it is scrubbed down, so it comes to you clean. The paint would not adhere if it was not clean. It is also sanded, primed, and then it is painted. This one I am not quite finished with yet. I am going to put a knob on the door, and I will either add an applique to the top or paint roses on that part. This sweetie is going to be priced at a very modest 39.95. It will have sawtooth hangers on the back. you see this and are interested before I finish it to put it in my shop, contact me. Join my mailing list and send me a comment about your wish to purchase, and it will be yours.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well, I didn't get a new photo on here today of a before item, but I will have one tomorrow of a very vintage sewing seat with storage in its before stages. I already have the old fabric and padding off, but at least there will be some sort of before and after.

I will put this in my store this week,www.ARitaMarieShabbyCottage.com. I didn't shabby it, but I do offer distressing at no additional charge and also I will paint most items of choice on my items if you would like hand painting. If you love an item, but you want it another color, all you need do is ask. Small priming, painting fee.

I would love to come up with some of the most unique decorating tips, but hopefully those of you who need and want them are happy with the simpler things. My home is not a shabby chic showcase, rather an old world look, although I am now working on one room, although a small one, for a shabby chic background for my photos. You can imagine what cottage furniture and decor looks like with the photo taken in an old world decor! Right! Simply horrid.

My decorating tip for the day ..If you have a small home, apartment, cottage, paint all rooms the same color. Change the shade to designate the different areas, but in keeping with the same color, you create a feeling of more space. If you have a larger home, choose one accent color to carry throughout your home regardless of the colors you choose to use. This will also create a flow from room-to-room.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I completely forgot my son sent me this picture of me with his father when we were expecting him. Those of you who have known me for a while may enjoy reminiscing with me. Those who don't know me, just look at the cutie patooties walking down the street. Can you remember back when all ladies dressed like that to go out?

Above is one of the pretty vintage items I have taken from shabby to very fab and chic. I do hand paint on items if requested, and I do distress them. Often they are distressed when offered, but often not. I try to vary my items as much as I can. Oh, yes, i will change the color if you love the item but have to have another color. The color you see these items in are linen white. I use Behr paint, which has been proven to me to be an excellent paint.

Admittedly, I have not actually been posting on Twitter although I have asked you to follow me. I think I may have taken on a bit too much, but we will see.

I have started following one of the most talented ladies I know in her Whimsical Victorial Cottage. She has the pretties little shop set up, and you will soon be able to see her photos as well. I saw them today, and it is gorgeous. She sells from her shop, but I bet before too long you are going to be asking her about buying things you see on her blog.

I have been working on painting vintage items sure to be lovely additions to your chic homes or shabby sweet cottages. I keep meaning to take pictures of the before and after, but so far have forgotten every time. I will post some photos on here of items I have on http://www.aritamarieshabbycottage.com/,

My tip of the day: Let me say first that my tips are often known by many, but we forget how many of us do not have the "built in decorator" in our genes nor have heard of some ot the tiny tidbits we have.

Decorating Tip of the day:   Some decorators swear by this. Some people don't. That is that every room should have one black item in it. The intention is to ground the room.

Fab old ammo box. This is the before. I will have the after on here in the next day or so. This one I did remember to take the photo first.

Check back and see how it looks with what I did to it. It will then be offered in my Rita Marie Cottage shop or on ebay. I haven't decided that yet.

Coming up I will be offering an vintage window painted for Christmas (I think..have not decided that either). If you have an opinion one way or the other, do let me know.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Come Tweet Me ! !

I am officially now posting on Twitter. Come follow me under Rita_Marie.
Hello to you ! Although I have had intentions of getting my blog started....you won't believe...in 2006, even did the first page then, TODAY, October 6, 2009 is OFFICIALLY my first day.

On my blog, I will be sharing with you how to tips and a few decorating tips along the way along with photos of my home, before and after photos of items I am refurbishing and the how to (if needed) of just how I did it. Stay tuned...I would also love your comments on thing you would like to know about.

This is simply to say hello and welcome to anyone who stops in. I will be posting a little something daily (unless out-of-town). This week, I will have some previews of pretties to be coming in my web shop www.ARitaMarieShabbyCottage.com. Today, in my shop, I do have a number of close-outs with super low prices, so take a minute to take a peek.

I also sell from time-to-time on eBay. Actually, I have been selling there for about 7 years, but have been concentrating my efforts more on my online shop. I will have something on eBay on Thursday of this week, shabby to chic pieces of furniture you are sure to adore.

Decorating tip for today

A tip known by many already, but for those who don't know : Groupings should be in odd numbers according to designers, usally in 3s. However, if you have a collection of many of one type of item, concentrate them in one focal place. Do not place them all around a room.