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Monday, November 16, 2009


I have been so busy making pretty things to offer, it seemed like it was only a week or so since I was here. WRONG !!! I see it was in October.

Pretty blush pink coffee table coming from me tomorrow. It has a wood and glass top in the butlers tray style, just not a separate tray. The top has four pieces of beveled glass. Very pretty table. It actually did once belong to my mother who had it in her home for years. I have used it for the past 10 years, and rather than refinishing it, I just knew it would be so shabby chic in this lightest of blush pinks. I am trying to decide if I should cover the backs of the glass so a small print pink and blush will be seen from the top. I believe it will be beautiful and no one will have one like it. Besides, the fabric could be removed at some later date with out damaging the glass. I would use a water based white adhesive that dries clear, so it would come off soaking the removeable glass panes in water. Okay, that's decided. I will either use a beautifulo retired Ralph Lauren I have in shades of pale pink and cream or a tone on tone pale pink with also a blush complementary color. You must come back and see it...or go to www.ARitaMarieShabbyCottage.com.

Coming the 17th also is a precious blush pink vanity bench which does not have to be used at a vanity. I used the Ralph Lauren soft pink retired fabric I just mentioned. Sooo pretty. This is the last of this fabric I have, so if you love it, you may want to take these pretties home with youl

I found the most adorable box with a glass door. I could not decide just what it was, and would't you know it would take a man to figure it out. He thinks it is a doll display case. If so, you could put a tall beauty in it.

I will be posting the photos of these items on my blog as well as my site and possibly ebay. My ebay id is rita*marie just in case you want to take a peek. You may find some of the same items, so please notice the ebay does not ususally include shipping whereas my shop is slowly but surely changing to all items including shipping.

I continue to forget to take photos of the pretties when they are not something you would want and then show you the after I am finished with them. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I promise I will have the photo of the sewing seat...too cute when I finish it, but in the taken apart and cleaned up old fabric discarded state right now...Okay, tomorrow IF my desk top is working. I could not get online today, and my photos are all in that computer. I also could not ship today since my printer is attached to that computer...Note to self...transfer all files from that computer and configure printer also to this one. I JUST did get this as wireless. My third day like this, so lots still to do.

Also be on the lookout for lots of new and unique pretty items from Rita Marie. If you find something you love and you want it in another color, I do aim to please. Just a tiny fee for a large furniture change and a teeny one for a small piece.

In the meantime, visit rita*marie on ebay. I was on ETSY, but not much happened there. Yes, it does cost us less, but selling and paying the eBay fee is better than things just looked at and a miniscule fee.

Do make me a favorite. You will find more and more to come so it will be worth it.

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